We make software for film and TV creators, to safeguard artistic intention, save time and make life easier on-set. This includes applications for metadata handling, dailies distribution and collaboration. Most of us work with movies and TV every day, and all of us are passionate about creating user friendly, powerful and elegant creative tools.

Our Idea

  • Linking automatically and manually entered metadata from the set with moving images;
  • Granting extremely secure and simple access to this material, for staff and creatives, on-set and in post production;
  • Increase efficiency, reduce overhead and keep material out of the wrong hands.

The team

  • Andreas Herzog Grimsø (DIT) ahg@drylab,no

  • Audun Vaaler (CEO/CTO) av@drylab.no

  • Arne Magnus Bakke (consultant)

  • Arne Peder Blix (chairman, investor) apb@drylab.no

  • John Christian Rosenlund (main founder, cinematographer) jcr@drylab.no

  • John Vold (consultant)

  • Pontus Steinfeld (Sales, Marketing & Web) ps@drylab.no

  • Stein B. Kvae (marketing, film producer/Paradox) sbk@drylab.no

active owners

  • Storyline Studios: One of the biggest rental and postproduction company with in Scandinavia

  • Storm Films: Known for Oscar-winning Peter and the Wolf

  • Håkon Wium Lie: Inventor of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

  • Founders Fund: Angel investors

  • Rolf Assev: A key executive in Opera Software responsible for sales/marketing/strategy.  Co-founder of WeWantToKnow - the company behind the award winning learning tools DragonBox.  Now partner in StartupLab

  • J.Frode Vaksvik: Investor

  • Peter Thomsen: EDI-Soft AS

  • Steinar Skaare:  Investor


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Contact us at info@drylab.no or:


Drylab R&D AS
Gaustadalléen 21
0349 Oslo

Phone (Norway): +47 95 74 58 74
Phone (USA): +1 818 748 9766




Photos courtesy of © Eirik Evjen, Fantefilm // Filmkameratene

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