I have had the great pleasure of using Dailies Viewer on The Half Brother (Halvbroren), an ambitious Norwegian TV series. For me as a script supervisor this was a very useful tool.  

In  earlier days, I got the dailies on a DVD or an external hard disk. If I wanted to look at previously done scenes/shots,  I had to look it up in my report and then first find the correct day it was shot — and then find the clip number. I used the clip number to search the shot on the separate hard disk.  These kinds of logistics exercises take time — time you do not have on set.

With Dailies Viewer on my iPad it only takes seconds to find the exact scene/shot.

You can search by shooting day, slate, scene, Int., Ext., VFX etc. I mostly search by scene. I get all the shots from that particular scene, and they are easy to look through on my iPad.

It is good to be able to have a quick check for weather, light and acting temperature.

On The Half Brother I used it a lot to match scenes that where shot on location with scenes that we did more than half a year later in the studio.  It was easy to place my Dailies Viewer beside the video monitor, for makeup, hair, costume and set dresser to check details for their continuity.

To have Dailies Viewer on my iPad means quick and easy access to all the scenes that already has been done.

I can absolutely recommend Dailies Viewer.

Madeleine Fant

Script Supervisor

Madeleine Fant has scripted more than 80 feature films and is one of the most experienced Script Supervisors with in the Nordic Countries.


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