On The Heavy Water War I have used Dailies Viewer every day, every night, every morning. It’s been one of my most important companions trough these 68 days shot mid-winter in the Norwegian mountains and in the Czech Republic.

When I go home at night after wrap, I use the travelling time in the car to see Dailies. I can see we shot an hour ago. It’s so easy to get hold of the details, the level of acting, motivation, rhythm of the scenes compared to other scenes etc. The Heavy Water War is a six-episode TV series, with a total length of 3–4 feature films. I use Dailies Viewer to check an remind me what I did three months ago. That’s really helpful. 

minus 25 C on set at Hardangervidda, Norway. ©Eirik Evjen

minus 25 C on set at Hardangervidda, Norway. ©Eirik Evjen

I love the possibility to check the takes and the scenes in scene order and see the best take only. It really helps me to prepare the next day.
When I arrive at the hotel I’ve already seen the dailies in the car. That saves me a lot of time! It is an extraordinary tool.
Do you think it is a better tool than what you had before?
On my last show we used hard drives and DVDs: I needed to have my laptop, a DVD reader and the script reports to be able to find the scenes. That took a lot of time. With Dailies Viewer all it takes is entering a scene number on my iPad, and like magic, there it is.
Do you think you will use it in the editing process?
— I think I’ll be a nightmare in the editing room, Per Olav says with a smile.
— I’ll now have a tool where I can be ahead of the complex collection of material we’ve created during our six months of shooting.  Because of the advanced search tool in Dailies Viewer, where I can search for scenes, slates, days and best take, I can come up with alternative shots within seconds. I can do this directly on my iPad, where I have everything we’ve shot, all camera units, for the entire six episodes.
Have you saved time by using Dailies Viewer?

It saves a lot of time! I can carefully select what I need to see — at any time, within seconds on my small and lightweight iPad. I know I’ll save time in the editing room, because the editor has every script report available for every shot. They can search and assemble in scene order and best take and instantly see the associated video clip.


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© Filmkameratene//John Christian Rosenlund


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