We introduced our new dailies and metadata workflow for Nordic, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Cinematographers at the FSC Expression Conference on December 6, 2014.

The occasion marked the first major international event held by the FSC, with the goal of assessing how the change from film to digital has affected the art of Cinematography. 

The selection of films screened and discussed over two days left delegates reassured of the future of film making in Finland, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. 

John Christian Rosenlund, member of the Imago technical committee at, screened his film A Thousand Times Good Night, featuring Oscar winner Juliette Binoche. It premiered in Montreal this year.  The film was one of the first international films that used Drylab Dailies.

After the screening, John Christian explained how he used the Dailies Viewer, Dailies Creator and Set Report on the film.

"It was great to share experience among cinematographer colleagues, especially when the response on my keynote was much more then I expected. 

"I know that Dailies in combination with metadata is very powerful tool for a Cinematographer. But it was a very good feeling to get such a warm and engaded feedback from my colleagues" John Christian reports with a smile.


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