We asked Script Supervisor Aslaug Konradsdottir (The Hurt LockerKon TikiOslo, 31. August) about her experiences with Cam Report and Dailies Viewer.

What's your role on the film set?

I'm a kind of a bridge between the film set and the editor, and responsible for the internal continuity, a kind of right-hand aide to the director and director of photography. I collect information about the creative and technical decisions made on the set for the people further down the off-set workflow: What did the director intend when we shot the scene? On a certain scene where we do several set-ups, the editor may ask: Does the scene start with a big shot or a close up? Why did this particular take work, or why did it require four takes? This is the kind of information I bring to the editing room.

Before I got Cam Report I had to use pen and paper. Then when I got home at night, I had to type the complete day from paper into my Mac, then print it and then send the physical print-out to the editor and the production.

With Cam Report, most of my work is already done when we wrap. I enter all the information needed for every scene and take, directly in Cam Report.

Cam Report saves me (and the producers) a lot of overtime and late-night work. The process becomes more straightforward and digitally available in the complete workflow.

Photo: Aslaug using Cam Report in the mountains of Rjukan, Norway. Note the conductive gloves.

Photo: Aslaug using Cam Report in the mountains of Rjukan, Norway. Note the conductive gloves.

This is the first show where I use Cam Report. I must admit, it took me a few days to accept and learn the new way to use the iPad instead of my good old pen, paper and my Mac. But it took me a very short time to learn. I have fallen in love with Cam Report, and like it very much. 

Does it help with the continuity?

Yes, like with the scene we’re doing today: It’s supposed to match something we did in Prague some moths ago.

(Aslaug picks up the iPad with Dailies Viewer and finds the scenes within seconds.)

Here you see: This is how fast it is to find the scene we did a long time ago. I have the complete TV series on my water- and snow-proof iPad. It's so quick, and it's always available when I need it. It's an extremely good and robust system. I love it!


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