We're proud to announce that Cam Report 3 is out, a brand new version re-designed from the bottom up. Among other things it has built-in reporting (via email and AirPrint), selectable fields (only display those you need), and generally a more stream-lined user interface. Support for uploading to Cam Report Web has been removed.

Here are the major changes and improvements since the previous version:

  • Reports can now be shared via email and AirPrint, instead of going through Cam Report Web first. This hopefully simplifies workflows. If you still need to be able to upload to CRW, please postpone updgrading.
  • Fields to display in the app in reports are now selectable, usually making it possible to fit an entire shot or take on one screen.
  • Most fields can be edited in-place, i.e. without navigating down from Take or Shot level.
  • You can now set shot/slate auto-numbering explicitly, instead of depending on Cam Report to guess what your preferred scheme is.
  • Distances can be shown in feet and inches (as well as metric units).
  • Choose whether you prefer to use Shot or Slate as.
  • Performance is snappier, especially on large productions, due to a re-designed database.
  • Cam Report's GUI has been updated for iOS 7 (but still works with iOS 6.1). We think it looks quite nice.
  • Supports uploading to Dailies Creator 1.1.
  • Old productions are upgraded automatically (of course).
  • General performance and stability improvements.

Please let us know what you think, either here or by emailing info@drylab.no. Also, check out the new user's guide.

Dailies Viewer and Creator

In conjunction with the Cam Report 3 launch, we've also released version 1.1 of Dailies Viewer and Creator. Both of them are significantly faster and more stable, with big improvements in transfer speeds. Viewer is now a free download, whereas Creator is a bit more expensive. We think this makes the solution easier to deploy.

Speaking of Dailies: In our Cam Report 3 pre-announcement two weeks ago we offered complimentary copies of the Dailies Apps. We'll email the necessary details to those of you who were fast enough on the draw :-)



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