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Dailies Creator gets even better! Our development team are on a continuous search for perfection, working tirelessly to improve our software based on the invaluable feedback we get from you. Today, we’re launcing version 2.5 of Dailies Creator. It includes a lot of new features, the biggest being ALE export to Avid. This feature has been tested in beta on a few productions already, with tremendous time savings in logging. Just export all the metadata, with comments on grading, circled takes, and other notes relevant to the editing team, right into your editing software. 

We have also included multi-camera support in Dailies Creator, enabling you to handle multicam productions easily. Improved multicam support in Set Report will be available soon.

Please note that you also need to upgrade Set Report and Dailies Viewer when you upgrade Dailies Creator, since version 2.5 includes changes to the data model.

The complete list of new features include:

    • Creator gets a column for separate clips.

    • ALE export to Avid. Export all Meta-data to Avid.

    • Multi-camera support in Creator.

    • A single clip can be dragged and dropped onto a take, to set or change the take's file.

    • One or more clips can be dragged and dropped onto a shot/slate to create new takes.

    • Show the Last imported clips by using the dropdown menu at the bottom of the clips column.

    • Added support for receiving metadata from Set Report 2.5.

    • Lots of internal changes related to clips, takes, merging and other data handling.

    • Use today's date as the default for new slates.

Happy Creating!

The Drylab Team


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