We are very proud to present Dailies Viewer 2.5. Based on user feedback, this update adds full streaming support. In other words, you no longer need to wait for a clip to download before watching it.

If you're working on very large productions (e.g. TV series or multi-cam features), or have several active projects at the same time, streaming can be a good option. It also helps bring more usefulness out of smaller-capacity iPads. However, if you do have the storage space available, we still recommend that you keep all of your dailies stored on the iPad for instant playback and access, even without an Internet connection.

We have also made various smaller changes and improvements.

Please note that the update is required for productions that use Dailies Creator 2.5.

Stay tuned! More updates are coming soon, including a nice present for the holidays.

We hope you'll enjoy using Dailies Viewer with streaming. Visit the App Store to download.

Kind regards,

The Drylab Team


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