We’re very proud to present Dailies Viewer 2.7. The really big news is that it now runs on all iOS devices, ranging from the smallest of iPhones all the way up to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. It split-screen multitasks on iPad, so you can use Viewer and e.g. read a manuscript on-screen at the same time. You can comment on takes, draw and annotate on frames (with Apple Pencil or just your finger). There are also lots of improvements, including larger thumbnails, keyboard shortcuts and improved streaming.

Read on if you are curious about the details.

Use Dailies Viewer on any iPhone or iPad

We created the first version of Dailies Viewer for the original iPad. Since then Apple has introduced quite a few new models, but until the introduction of the big iPad Pro the screen stayed the same size (from an app’s perspective — an iPad Air has the same number of pixels as an iPad mini).

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro has a much larger screen. Although it’s able to run old versions of Dailies Viewer in scaled-up mode, it’s a shame not to take advantage of all of the extra space. The big iPad Pro feels like a very different beast than its predecessors (especially the mini). If you work on digital images often, we recommend that you take it for a spin.

Place an iPhone 4s and a 12.9-inch iPad next to each other, and you’ll most likely notice that one has a much larger screen than the other (almost 14 times as big, actually). Adapting apps meaningfully to both of them as well as every screen size in between isn’t trivial. Apple has made this easier by creating a rather nifty collection of technologies called Auto Layout. Instead of telling iOS exactly where to place e.g. a button and exactly how big it should be, Auto Layout enables us to say something like “button A should be to the right of button B, aligned vertically with button B, and have a width that adapts to the text it contains”. By doing this everywhere, much of Viewer’s user interface can organize itself automatically to work nicely on any kind of iOS device.

Even with Auto Layout, though, there are some fundamental differences for a user between working on a tiny iPhone and a huge iPad. Viewer will therefore also do such things as move the navigation buttons (scenes, days, shots, rolls, tags and search) to the bottom toolbar when running on a narrow screen, and display a take’s metadata below the clip (instead of using a pop-over) when that makes more sense.

Split-screen multitasking

iPads and iPhones have been able to multitask since 2010, in the sense that you could use one app and keep several others running in the background (at least for a while). If you wanted to look at more than one app at a time, though, you would be out of luck.

iOS 9 makes things better by letting you run two apps side-by-side on iPads. It demands certain things from the apps as well, however. For one, an app needs to be able to work at several different widths. This is something you get more or less for free with Auto Layout. Since Dailies Viewer adapts to every different iOS device size, it will also play nice with multitasking. (If you experiment with split-screen multitasking a little bit, you’ll probably notice that apps switch seamlessly between iPad- and iPhone-like layouts.)

What this means in practice is that you can do such useful things as work with Dailies Viewer right next to an app showing your script GoodNotes for this). This is very useful on any iPad, but works especially well on the large iPad Pro (which can actually contain two iPad minis worth of content side by side).

Comments and annotations via email

When watching a clip in Dailies Viewer it’s often useful to make a note and send it to someone. This is now very easy: Tap the comment button (on the top-right of the clip). You’ll then get a standard email compose view containing all of the take’s metadata as text as well as a snapshot of the current frame.

We’ve tapped into iOS’s standard Markup function for emails, which is really powerful but easy to miss. Tap and hold an image in the email you’re writing. Then tap Markup, and you’ll be able to draw, sketch and doodle straight onto the image. This works in every email you write, not just in Viewer. (Unfortunately iOS can be a bit inconsistent. Try again if you don’t see the Markup straight after tapping and holding. It will eventually appear-)

If you have an Apple Pencil lying around you’ll get the added benefit of annotating your Dailies with what’s probably the best stylus ever made. Fingers and non-Apple styli do work nicely too, though.

Please note that you’ll need to have set up an email account on your iPad/iPhone for this to work.

Thumbnail size

Due to popular demand, we’ve increased the size of all thumbnails in Viewer, and made all of them 4:3. The only downside is that smaller iPhones might feel a bit cramped. We might reduce thumb sizes again on such screens, but keep the aspect ratio.

Improved streaming

Dailies Viewer has supported remote streaming for a while, but could in some cases be a little unresponsive. This has been fixed in 2.7.

Dynamic type

Viewer now adapts to your preferred font size. This is good news for anyone who prefers larger (or smaller) text than the iOS default. You might find that it leads to a slightly cramped UI on small iPhones, but we hope that there’s a correlation between liking larger text and having a larger iPhone. We will adjust our layouts and text size limits to handle this better in the future.

Keyboard shortcuts

If you use a keyboard with your iPhone or iPad, Viewer now has shortcuts for common operations such as navigation and playing/pausing video.

iOS 9 required

Please note that Dailies Viewer now requires iOS 9 or better. We always feel sad when having to drop support for older IOS versions, but it’s sometimes necessary to add new features.

Dailies Creator

We have exciting news about Dailies Creator (our Mac app for creating Dailies) as well. Stay tuned in a few days.

Edit 2016-04-15: iPhone 6 Plus/iPhone 6s Plus can't do slide-over multitasking. Text has been updated to reflect this.


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