Our Dailies Creator app for the Mac finally has watch folder support. It will automatically import all compatible clips and metadata files placed there. This means that you can now automate most Dailies workflows, saving time and making life on set easier.

At the same time we've added support for importing ALE (e.g. from Pomfort Silverstack) and Final Cut Pro 7 XML files (e.g. from QTAKE). Combined with watch folders, it makes it possible to have fully automatic, up-to-date, easily navigable, metadata-rich Dailies both on-set and off-. 

Dailies Creator 2.7 is available via your Dailies Server account (click the menu button on the top right). For more information about using watch folders, see our knowledge base article.

PS: The option to not transcode iPad-compatible files now lives in the production settings window, just below the watch folder setting.


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