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Pay per production and per shooting day.

Email us to be invoiced and to get a quote for multiple productions.

  • €239 per month ($270)


  • €57 per shooting day ($65)

​You can start using Drylab for free: Up to one hour of material and 30 day of use are available straight away. Upgrade any time.


  • macOS 10.11 or better and Silverstack 6 to publish clips and metadata

  • iPad or iPhone with iOS 10.0 or better to view clips and metadata offline

  • Chrome, Firefox or Safari (any recent version will do) on Mac, PC or other platform to view clips and metadata online. Viewer Web also works on most versions of Android.

What our users say

"Extremely quick and easy to find exactly
what I was looking for... ​

I'm convinced this tool has made the film better.
It has certainly saved me a lot of time!"


Gareth Ellis Unwin
Academy Award Winner, The King's Speech

"The metadata from the shoots are automatically synchronized with the clips. We saved two editing assistants during shooting and 4-5 man months. The logger was able to log and sync
6-7 shooting days (with two cameras) in just one day, compared to 2-3 days without Drylab."


Marcus B. Brodersen

Producer, Filmkameratene

"To have every take in my pocket, easily available inside this little iPad...It’s a revolution."

Erik Poppe
Director, Utøya: July 22